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Element 1:1 (Spring 2005) Contents

Element"Divine Embodiment and Transcendence: Propaedeutic Thoughts and Questions" (Free Access)
    James E. Faulconer

"Contingency in Classical Creation: Problems with Plantinga's Free Will Defense" (Free Access)
    Benjamin Huff

"Between the Narrow Gate and Wittgenstein's Hard Way: On Being a Believer and a Wittgensteinian"
    Keith Lane

"Re-vision-ing the Mormon Concept of Deity" (Free Access)
    Blake T. Ostler

"The Doctrine of The Trinity in LDS and 'Catholic' Contexts" (Free Access)
    Paul Owen

"The Weeping God of Mormonism" (Free Access)
    Eugene England

Element 1:2 (Fall 2005) Contents

"Fragments for a Process Theology of Mormonism"
James McLachlan

"The Gospel as an Earthen Vessel"
Adam S. Miller

"The Silence that is not Silence"
Blake T. Ostler

"Restored Epistemology: A Communicative Pluralist Answer to Religious Diversity"
Dennis Potter

Element 2:1 (Spring 2006) Contents

"The Mormon Trinity and other Trinities"
Stephen T. Davis

"Unity of Action and the Unity of God"
Benjamin Huff

"Lockean Persons and LDS Metaphysics"
Jan-Erik Jones

"Latter-day Saint Conscience"
Rosalynde F. Welch

"Embodied Knowledge of God"
Jennifer C. Lane

Element 2:2 (Fall 2006) Contents

"Jurisprudence and the Problem of Church Doctrine"
Nathan B. Oman

"Why a Mormon Won't Drink Coffee but Might Have a Coke: The Atheological Character of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints"
James E. Faulconer

"The Hope for Universal Salvation"
Sheila Taylor

"Narrowing the Divide: How Being an 'Anglo-Catholic' Has Changed My View of the LDS Church"
Paul L. Owen

"Atonement and Testimony"
Adam S. Miller

Element 3:1&2 (Spring & Fall 2007) Contents

"Mormonism and the Trinty"
Daniel C. Peterson

"Exaltation and Gods Who Can Fall: Some Problems for Mormon Theodicies"
Carl Mosser

"The Challenges of Defining Mormon Doctrine"
Loyd Ericson

"Philosophical Theology for Mormons: Some Suggestions From an Outsider"
Stephen T. Davis

"Nature and Natural Affection"
Matthew Gowans

Element 4:1 (Spring 2008) Contents

"Got Compassion? A Critique of Blake Ostler’s Theory of Atonement"
Deidre Green

"The Shadow of the Cathedral: Exposition of Mormon Theology"
Jacob T. Baker

"Ritual as a Process of Deification"
Michael Ing

"Toward a Mormon Metaphysics: Scripture, Process Theology, and the Mechanics of Faith"
Andrew Miles

"A Theology of Possibilities: Mormon Doctrine and Open Folk Beliefs"
Dennis C. Wendt

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