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2013 Conferences


2013 SMPT Annual Meeting Preliminary Schedule

Theme:  “The Atonement”
Date:  October 31-November 2, 2013
Location:  Sorensen Student Center, room 206a-c
Utah Valley University
Orem, Utah
  Free and Open to the Public

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Thursday, October 31st

7:30 pm 
  206 a&b 
Welcome, Opening Plenary Session
   Daniel W. Graham, Brigham Young University

Friday, November 1st

9:00 am 
  206 a&b 
Plenary Session
“Mormonism and the Problem of Heterodoxy”
   Dennis Potter, Utah Valley University
10 am 
Concurrent Sessions
“Disputing Holiness: John Taylor of Norwich (1694–1761) and Man’s State of Innocence”
   Rico Martinez, Independent Scholar
  206b  “The Atonement According to Jesus”
   Janice Allred, Independent Scholar
  206c  “The Redemption of the Bible—John 10:16 in Third Nephi”
   Brock Mason, Brigham Young University
   Joseph Spencer, University of New Mexico
11 am 
Concurrent Sessions
“Rethinking Penal Substitution”
   Paul Owen, Montreat College
  206b  “Exploring the Origins of Atonement Terminology”
   Ben Spackman, City College of New York
  206c  “Sin: The Atonement's Forgotten Prelude”
   Loyd Ericson, Utah Valley University
12-1:30 pm  Plenary Session , with box lunches provided
(title/topic TBA)
2 pm 
Concurrent Sessions
“Virtue, Technology and Atonement: the Problem of the Horizon of Moral Agency”
   Ralph Hancock, Brigham Young University
  206b  “Atonement in Shakespeare and Early Modern Anglican Theology: Their Relevance for Latter-day Saints”
   Bruce Young, Brigham Young University
  206c  “The Structure of the Book of Mormon”
   John Christopher Thomas, Pentecostal Theological Seminary
3 pm 
Concurrent Sessions
“Liberating the Captive: Freedom and the Logic of Atonement”
   Benjamin Huff, Randolph-Macon College
  206b  “Business, Ethics, and Mormonism: A Radical, Practical Critique”
   Robert Couch, Willamette University
4 pm 
  206 a&b 
Plenary Session
“Narrative Atonement Theology in the Gospel of Mark”
   Julie Smith, Independent Scholar
5 pm  Dinner Break
7:30 pm 
  206 a&b 
Plenary Session
“The Gospel According to Mormon”
   Noel Reynolds, Brigham Young University

Saturday, November 2nd

9:00 am 
  206 a&b 
Plenary Session
“Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Atonement”
   Lynn Wardle, Brigham Young University Law School
10 am 
Concurrent Sessions
“The Infinite Atonement and Heavenly Wars”
   C. Randall Paul, Foundation for Religious Diplomacy
  206b  “The Status Function Theory of the Atonement”
   Gavin Jensen, Independent Scholar
  206c  “Broken Agency: Ability, Disability and Atonement”
   J. Mark Olsen, Utah Valley University
11:00 am 
Concurrent Sessions
“Vicarious Atonement and Vicarious Grace in Christian and LDS Thought”
   David Banack, Independent Scholar
  206b  “The Problem of Predication: Determinism and Atonement”
   Cameron Hunter, University of Denver
  206c  “A Difference There: Mormon Theology and Sexual Difference”
   Taylor Petrey, Kalamazoo College
12pm  Lunch Break
1:30 pm 
SMPT Business Meeting (All interested are welcome to attend)
2 pm
Concurrent Sessions
“Contention and Atonement”
   Keith Lane, Brigham Young University—Hawaii
  206b  “Willing to Bear My Name”
   KC Kern, Sloan School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  206c  “The Infinite Atonement in LDS Thought”
   Charles Harrell, Brigham Young University
3:00-4:20 pm
  206 a&b 
Plenary Panel
“Reading Giorgio Agamben’s The Time That Remains”
   James Faulconer, Brigham Young University
   Joseph Spencer, University of New Mexico
   Adam Miller, Collin College
4:40-5:30 pm
  206 a&b 
Closing Plenary Session
“What Becoming Mortal Empowered God to Do”
   Blake Ostler, Attorney & Independent Scholar

The Society is grateful to Utah Valley University and the Richard L. Evans Chair of Religious Understanding (BYU) for their generous support for this conference.

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