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2012 - Call For Papers

Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology Eighth Annual Meeting
September 20–22, 2012
Utah State University
Logan, Utah

Theme: Theology of The Book of Mormon

Click here for PDF version of this Call for Papers

The Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology invites paper proposals on any aspect of Mormon belief, including its philosophical ramifications. We particularly encourage submissions on this year’s theme.

The Book of Mormon is a uniquely defining book for Latter-day Saint faith. Its translation established Joseph Smith’s role as a prophet and prepared the way for the founding of the church. However, some Mormon scholars have argued that the specific contents of the Book of Mormon have played only a minor role in shaping Mormon beliefs. Meanwhile, others have argued that the theology in the Book of Mormon is surprisingly similar to traditional Christian theology, to the point of being mostly unremarkable. What are the distinctive teachings of the Book of Mormon? To what extent does the Book of Mormon offer a different formulation of Christianity, and to what extent is it simply another witness of Jesus Christ, confirming the message of the Bible?

Topics falling under this theme might include but are not limited to:

Papers on the conference theme are particularly encouraged, but proposals on any aspect of Mormon belief will receive full consideration.

Authors may submit either (a) a full paper, or (b) a précis:

(a) Papers should be suitable for a reading time of 25–30 minutes (3500 words maximum). Longer papers (up to 9,000 words) may be submitted in full, with the understanding that they will be revised for presentation.
(b) A précis should be about 800 words in length, and summarize the argument of the paper.

Please send submissions in RTF, PDF, or MS Word format, to SMPT Secretary Benjamin Huff at, by email attachment. Include author’s full name and contact information, and title and word count for the paper or précis.

The Society welcomes submissions by students. Some funding is available to reimburse travel for student presenters; see details below.

Submission deadline:   16 July 2012

Authors will be notified of acceptance by July 25th.

For more information, visit our web site at, or contact Benjamin Huff at, or SMPT President Daniel C. Peterson at

Student Travel Funding

SMPT has some funding available, on a competitive basis, to defray travel costs for student presenters. Travel funding awards of a value up to $650 each will be made on the basis of (a) merit of the proposal and (b) distance of travel to Logan. Students interested in travel support should indicate their institution, degree sought, and subject at the time of paper/proposal submission, and should provide a brief statement of need, including brief comments on each of the following:

1) point of origin for travel to the conference
2) major mode of transportation (e.g. air, train, personal vehicle) to Logan
3) availability of travel funding from other sources, such as their home department, if any

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