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2010 Conferences

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Sponsored Session at AAR Annual Meeting

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2010 SMPT Annual Meeting Schedule

Theme:  "The Measure of Their Creation—Theological Anthropology"
Date:  March 25-27, 2010
Location:  Library Lecture Hall (LI 120)
Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah
Host:  UVU Religious Studies Program

Click on the links in the titles below to read the abstracts of the presentations and see the presenters listed alphabetically.

Thursday, March 25th

9:30 am 
LI 120 
Welcome, Presidential remarks
   James McLachlan, Western Carolina University
9:45 am 
LI 120 
Panel: Remembering Truman Madsen: Patriarch of Mormon Philosophy
   Richard Sherlock, Utah State University
   James Faulconer, Brigham Young University
   Blake Ostler, attorney, Thompson Ostler & Olsen
11:30 am 
LI 120 
Reexamining Grace
"Re-thinking Grace and All We Can Do"
   Sheila Taylor, Graduate Theological Union

"The Natural Man and Enmity to God"
   Graham Stott, Arab American University
12:45 pm  Lunch Break
2:30 pm 
LI 120 
Embodiment and Contingency
"Mormonism Dysembodied: Placing LDS Theology in Conversation with Disability"
   Anne Leahy, independent scholar and ASL translator

"'Which Thing I Never Had Supposed': The Problem of Evil and the Problem of Man"
   Loyd Ericson, Claremont Graduate University
4:00 pm 
LI 120 
"Pre-existence, the Problem of Evil, and Two Kinds of Freedom"
   Benjamin Huff, Randolph-Macon College
5:00 pm  Dinner Break

7:30 pm 
LI 120 
Featured Plenary
"Finding the Divine in Man: Romantic Angst and the Collapse of Transcendence"
   Terryl L. Givens, University of Richmond

Friday, March 26th

9:00 am 
LI 120 
Freedom, Grace, and Human Destiny
"Are Mormons Pelagians?"
   Brian Birch, Utah Valley University

"Reflections on Justification, Theosis, and Grace in Christian and Mormon Discourse"
   Grant Underwood, Brigham Young University

"The Life of the World"
   Adam Miller, Collin College
11:00 am 
LI 120 
Concurrent Session
"Dual Innocence and the Preparatory Redemption"
   Rob Line, LDS Institute, University of Utah
LI 502  "Internal Landscapes: Considerations On the Role of the Body As a Map For Environmental Awareness"
   Pat Debenham, Brigham Young University
12:00 pm  Lunch Break
2:00 pm 
LI 120 
Concurrent Session
"Approaching Justice: Toward a Mormon Conception of the Difference Principle"
   Chris Henrichsen, Brigham Young University
LI 502  "Subjectivity and Truth: Towards a Basic Mormon Anthropology"
  Joseph Spencer, Utah Valley University
3:00 pm 
LI 120 
Concurrent Session
"Subjection, Mastery, and Discipleship"
   Jennifer Lane, Brigham Young University—Hawaii
   Elizabeth Sewell, Brigham Young University
LI 502  "The Implications of Evolution and Consciousness for Key LDS Doctrines"
   Steven Peck, Brigham Young University
4:00 pm 
LI 120 
Concurrent Session
"The New God Argument"
   Lincoln Cannon and Joseph West, Mormon Transhumanist Association
LI 502  "Imitatio Cristi and the Divine Anthropology"
   Sam Brown, Intermountain Medical Center, Salt Lake City
5:00 pm  Dinner Break

7:30 pm 
LI 120 
Featured Plenary
"Plato, Purity, and the Iconoclast Temptation: A Catholic Imaginarium"
   David K. O'Connor, University of Notre Dame

Saturday, March 27th

9:00 am 
LI 120 
Business Meeting
For SMPT Members

9:30 am 
LI 120 
Featured Plenary
"The Manifestation of the Father: On Luke 15: 11-32"
   Kevin Hart, University of Virginia
   sponsored by the Richard L. Evans Chair of Religious Understanding
11:15 am 
LI 120 
Heavenly Parentage
"Our Heavenly Mother: Doctrinal Origins and Impetuses"
   David Paulsen, Brigham Young University
   Martin Pulido

"Literal Spirit Birth"
   Eric Nielson, mechanical engineer, Sturgis, Michigan
12:30 pm  Lunch Break
2:00 pm 
LI 120 
Making Spiritual Claims
"Religious Certainty and Uncertainty in Kierkegaard's Authorship"
   Keith Lane, Brigham Young University—Hawaii

"Anthropology as Epistemology: A Kierkegaardian Basis for Mormon Testimony Claims"
   Blake Ostler, attorney, Thompson Ostler & Olsen
3:30 pm 
LI 120 
"Pre-Existence and Chaos: The Struggle for Order"
   Jim McLachlan, Western Carolina University

4:30 pm 
LI 120 
Featured Plenary
"A Singular Humanity: The End of Anthropology"
   Laurence Hemming, Institute of Advanced Studies, Lancaster University
   sponsored by the Richard L. Evans Chair of Religious Understanding

American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting
(SMPT Sponsored Session

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Marriott Marquis - L403

Saturday, November 1st


Discussion of Grant Hardy’s Understanding the Book of Mormon (Oxford University Press, 2010)

Daniel Peterson, Brigham Young University
James McLachlan, Western Carolina University

Grant Hardy, University of North Carolina, Asheville



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